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About Our Marietta Georgia Divorce Attorneys

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The Marietta Georgia divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC have been helping good people going through difficult divorce and family law matters for over ten (10) years. Divorce and family law matters are stressful and can be life altering. While our Marietta Georgia divorce lawyers will be aggressive, effective and efficient in our handling of your case – we will not take a case that should be settled out of court as an uncontested divorce and turn it into an expensive contested divorce matter. However, when necessary, we are prepared to represent you in court hearings and at trial, taking advantage of every opportunity that Georgia law provides to get you the most favorable outcome. 

Types of Marietta Divorce and Family Law Cases We Handle

Our Marietta divorce attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of divorce and family law cases. The types of cases we handle include uncontested divorces and family law matters which are settled out of Court, to highly contested divorce and family law cases. Specifically, we take cases involving the following matters:

Georgia Contested Divorce
Georgia Uncontested Divorce
Child Support
Legal Separation, Separate Maintenance
Child Custody, Child Visitation
Child Support Modification
Child Custody Modification
Alimony, Spousal Support
Temporary Hearings
Name Changes
• Adoptions
• Prenuptial Agreements, Antenuptial Agreements

Our Marietta Georgia divorce attorneys are familiar with a large variety of situations that come up in many cases, including:  high asset, high income, custody, support, adultery, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, contempt actions, legitimization, physical and verbal abuse.

How We Can Help In Your Marietta Georgia Divorce Case

Our Marietta Georgia divorce attorneys continually stay up to date on the latest changes in Georgia divorce and family law. We will examine your specific needs and requirements to determine the appropriate amount of child support payments that would likely to be awarded under the Georgia child support guidelines. Our Marietta Georgia divorce attorneys assist clients with child custody and visitation plans as required, including sole and joint physical and legal custody arrangements. If your situation involves possible alimony and spousal support, our attorneys will work hard to ensure the Court grants you the most favorable result possible under Georgia divorce law. We are experienced with complex asset and property cases and can help you keep what is fair and equitable under Georgia law.

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