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Georgia probate courts have jurisdiction in cases involving the wills of deceased individuals. They can validate wills and enforce their provisions as well as divide up a deceased individual’s assets if there is no will (also called “intestacy”). Because of their relationship with wills, probate courts also carry out conservatorships and guardianships. Somewhat uniquely, a Georgia probate court can also give out marriage and firearm licenses.

To begin the process of probating a will in GA, you will need to complete the “Petition to Probate the Will in Common Form.” If there is no will, you will need a “Petition for Letters of Administration.”

Procedures Available for Decedent’s Estates When There is a Will:

Solemn Form Probate: Requires notice to all heirs; binding upon entry of final order; objections/contentions due by certain date
Common Form Probate: May be done without notice to heirs but does not become binding for four (4) years after the appointment of the Executor; heirs and others may file objections during this time
Probate of Will in Solemn Form / Letters of Administration with Will Annexed: Executor named is unable or unwilling to serve; Administrator C.T.A. (with will annexed) must be appointed
Will Filed Not For Probate: If there is no property to pass under the will, probate is not necessary

When there is no Will:

Permanent Administration: Requires notice to all heirs; surviving spouse or sole heir entitled to serve as Administrator, otherwise (or if disqualified), person selected by a majority of heirs is entitled to serve. Administrator posts bond and files all inventory, unless ALL heirs consent to waiver of those documents.
Temporary Administration: Notice to heirs not required but they may select administrator. No expenditures or disbursements made without court order.
No Administration Necessary: If all debts have been paid, there is no need for formal administration and all heirs have agreed on division, the proceeding may be filed.

Probate Glossary

Administrator: Person who administers estate when there is no Will.
Administrator with Will Annexed: If the Will fails to name an Executor or the named Executor cannot or will not serve, then this is the person who will administer the estate.
Decedent: The deceased.
Executor: The person who administers the estate when there is a Will.
Heirs: Those persons who would inherit the estate of the decedent if there was no Will by the rules of descent and distribution. An heir is not always a beneficiary, although that can be the case.
Intestate: With no Will.
Letters of Testamentary / Administration: Official documents issued by the probate court evidencing authority of Executor/Administration.
Personal Representative: Can refer to an administrator, executor, guardian or trustee but not to a temporary administrator.
Probate: Legal process of administering a decedent’s estate.
Probate Court: The court having jurisdiction over proceedings to administer the estate of the decedent.
Testator: A person who has made a Will.
Will: A document, signed with the formalities required by Georgia law, by which a person makes disposition of his property, to take effect after his death.

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